IMPS Success Story: Berlin

Berlin Hello!

I got your email address from the Sucess Story page at IMPS. I wanted to share some pictures of my sweetie I originally fostered in January but ended up adopting. :)

Her name is Berlin. She is almost 5 and is the most beautiful rust color with dark markings as well.

She had been shot in the head and we got her all patched up and she's doing great!!! I'm sending some pictures of my other rescue Iggy as well. He's black and tan and almost 4 1/2. We rescued him from the shelter over 1 1/2 years ago. The 2 of them are getting along great.

-Tina in Colorado


Here is Iggy on the left and Berlin on the right.

Tina with Berlin,Alfredo,Iggy

Here I am with Berlin on the left, one of my cats Alfredo, and Iggy on the right.


Here is Berlin in all her beauty. I love her coloring!! And her furrowed brow!!


Here is Berlin's little brother Iggy and good old Alfredo the kitty.


Here is Berlin as queen of the couch mountain. As you can see, she is so happy with her new life!


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