IMPS Success Story: Coco

Mon, 2 Sep 2002 19:44:44 -0700 (PDT)


My husband has chi dog. He rescued her about 7 years ago and it is his dog. I am retired now too and hate it. I was at a state where I didn't care about anything cause there was nothing to look forward to. I decided I wanted my own baby and started looking on the net. I found Coco in Springfield IL. Hubby thought I was nuts but I drove down there to get Coco. (about a 500 mile trip)

Coco rode all that way home like a charm. He just seemed to know he was mine, even though he rode the whole way home on my daughters lap. He is with me every minute. I don't let him out of my sight so can't make a potty booboo cause there are other smells in the house.

He is scared of thunder storms and in the 2 weeks I have had him we had 2 all nighters. He barks at the thunder, so I just held him the whole time. What better way to bond? He totally trusts me, never leaves my side except for a couple of minutes at a time, gets along good with other household members, and is on guard when someone comes.

I think it cannot get better then this, then the next day comes and he does something new & cute. I just can't say enough about this sweet little guy.


Coco Coco


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