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Bailey Bailey

July 1, 2011 my Miniature Pinscher, Bailey, passed away after blessing my family and I with fifteen and a half years his love. He embraced every wonderful Miniature Pincher quality and spread his love to everyone he encountered. He was the best friend anyone could ever hope to have. Bailey was the smartest and most loyal dog I have ever encountered. He made it his daily mission to make everyone around him feel loved. He would give hugs and kisses whenever you were down regardless if you thought you needed them, he definitely knew best.

When Bailey passed, I decided that I would wait until I felt it was right to get another dog and allowed myself the necessary time to mourn his passing. After several months I began looking on the internet for rescue dogs. At the time I wasn't sure if I could get another Miniature Pinscher again, so I entertained the idea of adopting several different breeds. As a result of my exceptional experience with Bailey I kept looking at Min pins.

On the morning of December 15, 2011, I stumbled upon the IMPS website. After reading the descriptions of almost every available dog in the US, I read the following description:


"Jojo: 4 month old black/tan male, neutered, undocked tail and uncropped ears, 10", 9.5 lbs. Shots up-to-date.

Owner surrender.

Here is the cutest little man you will ever meet.....Jojo! At 4 months old and almost 10 pounds, he has so much character, it could fill a room. He is a black and tan beauty with a long swishy tail that never seems to stop moving. This little man loves to please, loves to love and love, and loves to be with his people.

Snuggle Master Jojo will keep you warm on a chilly evening and tell you stories when you are bored. Loving is his game! People big and small, young and old, he loves them all. Even cats and other dogs are right up his alley. The happier he is the higher his ears get, like the corners on a smile. If this little man sounds like a good fit for your life please send us an e-mail and fill out an application".

After reading the description I immediately knew in my heart that he was "the one". Why he had to be located all the way across the country, I am not sure; but that is typical now that I know Jo. I made contact with his foster mom Beth. She and I exchanged many emails, stories, pictures, and videos over the course of the following few weeks while the paper work was processed.

I made arrangements after the holiday to fly from Baltimore, MD to Reno, NV to meet my new buddy. I was so excited I really didn't sleep much that evening in anticipation of the big day...I was, and still apparently am, that kid on Christmas. The next morning I sat in the lobby of my hotel eagerly awaiting Beth, Matt, their girls, and Mr. Jo. When they brought him in he immediately jumped up in my lap like we were the best of buds and he didn't leave my side. I thanked her for taking such great care of him and making the adoption process so great.

And thus our adventure began....


During the plane ride back Jo sat in the seat, as he should, adjacent to me the whole way home. He made friends with the flight attendants and informed him that he preferred water to soda, I was quite impressed. And I thought Beth had been joking about him telling bedtime stories. He thoroughly enjoyed the treats I brought along, as well as, the exciting rawhide bone.


Once home, he was a little scared about his new surroundings; however, he soon made friends with Lucy, our Labrador retriever, who now pretty much acts like his mother and attempts to keep him in line. Jo also befriended the cat, Spooky, with whom he rough houses with every day.


Over the last 6 months Jo has been on several adventurous road trips to Virginia Beach, Va, Charleston, Sc, Washington D.C., as well as making several overnight camping trips to Shenandoah, Va. and various state parks in Maryland. Jo has become quite an active triathlon training partner; however, he has not quite figured out the bike yet. He isn't quite a year old so he still has time.

As with all dogs they tend to adopt a number of nicknames over the course of their lives, Jo is no exception. He has come to be called Jo-buddies or JB's, the Sweet Potato Bandit (his favorite food/treats are fresh sweet potatoes), and of course Barber Shop Jo. About two months ago, Jo decided that my beard needing trimming and began chewing on it all over, similar to a person eating corn, trimming it quite evenly I might add. Now whenever he sees fit he becomes “Barber Shop Jo”. Jo and I are pretty much inseparable and I really can't imagine life without him. He is an amazing guy and he was described perfectly by Beth. He is a snuggle master, extremely smart, attentive, loves to please, loves to love and love, and loves to be with his people.



I cannot say enough about how great IMPS was through the adoption process and seeing to it that Jo has a forever home with my family and I.

Thank you so very much for all that you do!


Nathan P.

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