IMPS Success Story: Maverick

Our Min Pin brag -- Maverick

Sat, 10 Jun 2006 11:57:36 -0400 - from Jeff & Nadine


Hi, Mag!

First off, we just want to thank the whole organization there at IMPS. I just could not imagine what it was ever like BEFORE our miniature pinscher. Talk about unconditional love. We adopted Maverick (used to be named Rick) last Feb. and he has just fit into our home so perfectly. Everyday since we've had him, he has relaxed more and become accustomed to being in our home. Maverick was very shy and skiddish when we first got him. He still hides once in awhile when there is a lot of excitement going on. But overall he has become such an outgoing, amazingly friendly, cuddly, happy lovebug! I take him into work with me about once or twice a week and he absolutely loves it. We go for walks at least twice a day, and he's getting MUCH better at walking ona leash. He also loves to sit out on the front porch and watch cars go by. He is so good, and always stays in the yard and never runs away. He's such a good boy, he listens to both mommy and daddy, and is learning all sorts of commands. He knows sit, outside, hungry, go potty, car ride, lets go, go to bed, come and the list goes on...most of these things he didn't know when we got him. His progress has been phenomenal. Most people would never guess he was a rescue dog!

We just love him SO much, and I'm pretty sure that the feeling is mutual with him! Here are some pictures of Maverick.

Please feel free to share on the IMPS site! We'd love to have our story shared with everyone! I always tell everyone about the IMPS site, and about how many other amazing Min Pin's need adopted. I can only hope that all the ones still out there needing their forever homes will someday find them and be as happy as Maverick is today!

Thank you a million times over for connecting us with our precious little canine lovebug.
BTW: we are from Akron Ohio, and the foster moms that helped us were Christine S. and Christie K. Both were very helpful in our adoption process!

Again thank you,
Jeff, Nadine, and Maverick




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