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Fri, 8 Aug 2008 13:51:21 -0400 - from Samantha


I would love to submit a brag story about Odie, who we adopted in March 2007. Odie was originally Challenge the first time he was available for adoption. I wanted him back in June 2007, but another family adopted him and the adoption was pending the day I contacted IMPS. I was drawn to Challenge because of his size 8 inches and 8 pounds. He also had his eye closed in ever photo. I remember thinking, that he was the Min Pin for me. I watched the IMPS website for months but, I never found the right dog for me even if I inquired about a few. One day in March, I noticed Odie was up. Odie had the same photoís that Challenge had. I contacted the IMPS again and asked if Odie was really Challenge and Wendy (who was Odieís foster mom) couldnít believe that I remembered him. Within a week we met up and Odie has been a very happy Min Pin in our home ever since. We have had Odie well over a year now and I do not know how I lived life without such a happy and well behaved little boy.


Odie is actually very popular around the apartment complex he lives, he is known as the well behaved little dog. He also loves wearing his shirts and sweaters. Iíve had small dogs in the past but none of them ever actually got excited to wear sweaters. When you bring out one of his shirts, he starts jumping and play barking. He also will put his head down to get ready to put the sweater on. He is also famed for hugging. Iíve never seen a dog that jump up and places his arms around your neck to receive a hug. We didnít train him to do any of this, he just does it himself.

He also has a his own blanket that he tugs around the house. Odie is a very independent boy and the most affectionate dog Iíve ever seen. I am so glad we have him!



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