IMPS Success Story: Paris

Fri, 18 Mar 2011 21:06:54 -0600 - from Sue

Hi Mag,

One of our Pins is a heroine!

Paris was turned into Albuquerque Animal Humane as a stray on May 14, 2010. She was probably less than a year old and she was a handful! Extremely active, very beautiful, affectionate and dominate! She was a bit oversized at 14 inches tall and 14 pounds and she took over her foster home. After many inquiries, numerous conversations and e-mails, we decided Paris’ forever home was going to be in Oceanside, New York. The adopter had lost a female Pin to cancer. Paris resembled her lost love and Paris needed an experienced Min Pin home. Paris flew to LaGuardia airport on August 18, 2010 and has been the love of her new parents life ever since. Now, she saved their lives!



Hi Sue,

You not only sent us a perfect little friend, she is also our hero. I thought you might like an update on our little Paris. Last night she jumped off the bed several times. I asked her if she wanted to potty and opened the door, she wouldn't leave the room. Finally I went out toward her doggy door passing through the kitchen. I saw the gas nob was turned on and was leaking out gas, quiet strongly. She is our HERO.
God bless you and IMPS.

Hope you enjoyed the update. She stills hates squirrels, she lives her people and her people love her. Thank you many times over for our little Paris.

Jennifer and all who love Paris


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