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Thu, 3 May 2007 20:51:37 EDT - from Carol

All things are possible with LOVE and Patience

This is a short story about what can happen if we have patience and put our situations in God's hands. I am keeping this story REAL with no "padding" about anything. So if sometimes I sound a little rough I will tell it like it is.

Tyler came to me as a foster about 7 years of age, black and tan, and from a puppy mill. When he arrived at my home, I thought to myself "Oh my" this is going to be a job. When our eyes met, he snarled his lip up and wanted me to know "don't touch me".

Ok. Now Tyler wasn't a very nice looking min pin. His bottom two teeth stuck out very far and his face looked like it was sort of misaligned. And when he walked, he walked like a duck. His back feet went out and he waddled. So this is what I had. Besides his unattractive physical features he acted mean. By acting mean, he was petrified. I didn't dare touch him because when I got close to him he growled and wanted to take my hand off. So the ground rules were established. He hid under the bookshelf and I did not make a move to go near him. After awhile, I knew this little guy wasn't all there.

He never came into the same room with the other dogs or with humans. His place was on the bottom of the bookshelf. So time passed on. During this time, I would see him look around the corner into the room where the others were and but if he knew I saw him looking he would run back to safety, under the bookshelf. This went on for sometime; in fact quiet a long time. As time went on, he started getting a little braver. Standing longer at the doorway watching and finally one day he came into the room and ran behind the couch and that became his spot. But it was a step.

Now my husband is crazy about the fosters we have had including Tyler. He wanted so much for Tyler to let him pet him or at least be near him. That wasn't happening. So my husband was very sad about this. But we both let time go by.

I was sleeping in the bedroom in the basement because I was ill and my son had a nice bathroom installed next to my sleeping area. That way I could be close to the dogs.

Every time Tyler would look my way or be in the same room with me, I would talk to him and I started calling him Tyler Wyler. I always said Tyler Wyler good boy. During this time I decided to start sleeping upstairs and one bedroom still had mattresses on the floor. So I decided to sleep on the mattress on the floor. Now this was about a year of time going by. But one morning I woke up and Tyler was on the mattress with the others. But still didn't want me to try to touch him. So, I decided it was time for Tyler and I to have physical contact. I know they say this is the wrong thing to do but I did this anyway. At this point Tyler and I needed to bond a little and I was going to take the next step since he had taken the first one by lying on the bed. So, I picked him up of course, against his will. And yes he snapped. But when he did I put my hand in his mouth very carefully and he had no other teeth. He had me bluffed and when his secret was out things changed. It was a slow process but he started sleeping next to me and letting me get near him. But no touching. One day he finally did not run from me and I started taking my hand to his head and saying those familiar words to him "Tyler Wyler good boy". He gave me the same stare as always but as time went on those words spoken so much to him meant he would at least not run. So this is where our bond really started to progress. Now remember, this was probably one year and half later since we first met.

Tyler,Missey Tyler,Missey

Now about the same time Tyler came into my life, I was given an Italian grey because she was very old and I would provide a good home for her. Her name is Missey. Tyler just loves Missey. He follows her everywhere and wants to be next to her at all times. So it is so pleasant to watch him waddle and her trot around the yard. He was afraid of all the others and if one looked at him wrong he would hide. Scared to death. So he would cling to Missey. When one of the other fosters came around he would run away and be afraid and sometimes they bullied him. Plus he would never take any treats from my hand. My husband Robert, who is over the road, would come home and think maybe this time Tyler, would be in the same room with him. So I started putting Tyler on my lap and talked to him and that is how he started allowing Robert to get close to him. WHAT A STEP. Robert just gleamed.

Before I end this story, I must share an experience I will never forget. My kitchen door leads to my garage and I left one day. Carelessly, not making sure the kitchen door was shut good and leaving the garage door open, I came home and Tyler was gone. I totally lost it and started looking and no Tyler and it was getting dark. I called Jeanne D. and told her Tyler was gone and she knew Tyler and putting it bluntly, knew he just isn't right in the head so she was very concerned plus the fact I live on a busy 2 lane highway and traffic goes so fast. So I proceeded to make fliers and went out and went door to door leaving fliers and speaking to whoever answered their door. By this time it was pretty late. Still no Tyler. The next day went by and early evening I received a call from a lady who thought Tyler was near her house. Three houses away on the opposite side of the highway. I jumped in my car and turned off onto a little road and while I was turning I saw Tyler. I got out and started calling for Tyler and he just was waddling away towards the dangerous highway. Then I called Tyler Wyler good boy and he stopped. I walked towards him and picked him up and took him home and thanked God for this miracle. How Tyler survived is beyond me. I only knew how happy I was and I thanked the lady and told her I could not express how I felt. I was crying. I learned a valuable lesson that day about doors. One, which I will never forget.


Now I will say what is going on with Tyler now. He is such a fine baby. He has made great progress. Oh, he still has his bad habits that somehow he doesn't seem to comprehend. He still relieves himself in the water bowl outside for one. He still doesn't like for me to clean his eyes, hates his nails clipped, hates a bath, and relieves himself everywhere that he shouldn't. On a more positive note he does not let any of the others boss him around. He takes up for himself, actually if he doesn't want anyone near him he runs them off with this mean bark and snarl. He has seen the others when I drop something; they all run to see who can get it first. He now does the same but has yet to realize a dishtowel is nothing to eat but he really thinks he is doing something great and takes off with it and goes to a crate with dishtowel in mouth. Then the others try to take it but when they realize it is nothing to eat they just look at him as if to say "what are you doing" this is a dishtowel not something to eat and then they leave. Then he looks at me with a look like to say Oh I thought I had something before the others got it. This is just one of many things he will do. He is very close to Robert (my husband). And of course, Robert gives him extra treats (the others don't know that) and smiles when he pets Tyler. Tyler still gets up on the couch next to the recliner and puts his head on the arm of the couch and stares at us with his tongue hanging out. He gets in the middle of the others and knows he belongs here.

You can tell he is content and happy. There is never a day goes by when he doesn't let me know he is happy, everything in his life is new to him and is appreciative of his new life. So we all go on happy as can be. And, I often wonder, who would have ever thought this would be such a wonderful outcome.

Thank you for letting me share my story of Tyler - LOVE and PATIENCE

Carol S.


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