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Fri, 3 May 2002 13:34:02 -0400 - from Amy


I was asked to pass this along for the web site. Cute story!!



Dear MaryBeth,

Winnie is the greatest! We have had her for almost four months now,and she is the queen of our home. When we adopted her, there were some concerns with house breaking and timidness ( especially with men ).

I found no issues with Winnie, as she not only trained immediately (within 48 hours) to go outdoors, but also trained to use a specified area of our yard. She is a very smart dog, and yes, you can teach an older dog new tricks. She is still a bit timid, but reacts very well with all people.

I am amazed with her intelligence. Winnie is definitely my dog, where I go she follows, but loves attention from everyone.

She has brought such love and companionship into our home, that I truly believe that providence brought us together. I could really just talk about her forever ( and sometimes do), for she has so many ways of letting you know exactly what is on her mind. Winnie does NOT lack communication skills....... LOL Her poise and sweetness grab all who meet her.

So, MaryBeth, I believe a great match was made. I know you will be very impressed with Winnie's progress. Feel free to use any part of this letter for the success story site, as I believe no one could be as happy with their pet as I am with Winnie. I take Winnie out all the time. She has learned to frolic and play outside. She loves hide and go seek. we really have fun!

Take Care and Hope to talk with you soon!


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