Princess Zena

Fri, 2 Jan 2004 19:54:48 EST - from Diann

Princess Zena

Dear IMPS,

My name is Princess Zena of the San Francisco Bay (ZeeZee for short, formerly Xena) and I am a success story. My mom and I found each other a little over a year (October 2002) ago. I have a wonderful life. I've never been an overly active MinPin but my mom doesn't care. I still play sometimes, but I'm more content to lay on a blanket in the park with mom and watch those overly active big dogs playfight. I also like riding in my doggie backpack while mom hikes or runs errands. The car is way cool and mom always puts me in my car seat with my seatbelt. When we're close to home I howl and mom howls with me.

Aunt Eileen gave me this really warm purple fleece last Christmas. I sleep under the covers with mom wrapped in my fleece. When I demand attention I put my paw on your foot, bow my head and wag my tail. Everyone thinks I'm "tooooooo cute!"

Recently mom and I took a few plane rides. grandma, who lives in Tampa, fell in love with me. I buried treats in her sofa and she found them after I left. We also headed to CT to see grandpa. He was cool even though he tripped on me a few times. Mom yelled at grandpa when he caught him feeding me cooked steak.

About 6 months ago at a dog park, a big mean dog grabbed me by my sweatshirt and spun me around in his mouth. Mom saved me and took me to the doctor. I was bruised, put on pain medication, and thne I was afraid of all dogs. Mom was really sad. She still took me to the dog park and she'd walk while I stayed in my backpack. Gradually she held me in her arms while she walked through the dog park. Then one day I wanted to get down and now I like most dogs again. Sometimes the fear returns and I jump on mom's knees. She scoops me up until I'm ready to get down again.

Thanks you IMPS for finding me a good home. I travel, had a 5th birthday party and got loads of toys and sweaters. I have friends including 3 cats, I've made a lot of people that fear "ankle biters" less fearful and I make the meanest people crack a smile. Most important I LOVE the look on mom's face when she sees me, even if it's only been 15 minutes.


Princess Zena of the SF Bay

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