Our min pin "Clay"

Wed, 2 Apr 2003 09:16:26 -0500 - from Tonya

Clay My husband Steve and I already had one min pin we love so dearly named Nixie. We decided that we needed to get her a "friend" one day and that Steve and I would enjoy another addition to the family as well because having Nixie had made us fall in love with the min pin breed also. I was shopping at the pet store one day getting Nixie's food and saw the Critter magazine there. It had a page on IMPS and we saw Clay and the other dogs available in the pictures.

We called Beverly about them, Rusty the first one we saw in there was adopted already and that left Brick and Clay (Brick is Clay's brother.) We had Clay come to our home and we instantly fell in love with him. I guess everything happens for a reason, because I know Clay is meant to be with us. He had had heart worms and was just getting finished with his treatment. Beverly (the Knoxville IMPS contact) had to go pick him and Brick up in Alabama or they were gonna get put to sleep because no one wanted them and they were ill with heartworms. So needless to say, Beverly and her husband nursed Clay back to health and he was well enough to come and meet us, his future family. He had to finish his treatment and needed to be neutered still, so we got to keep him off and on for the next month a few days at a time to get him used to us and his little sister Nixie.

We kept getting closer and the bond between us all was enhanced. Steve and I were going to Miami for vacation for a week and Clay was done with the treatment so Beverly was going to keep him and have him neutered and let him recover while we were gone so he could be all healed up and we could get him for keeps when we got back from vacation. Well, Clay missed us and we missed him, but he missed us a little too much, because Beverly said he tried to get out of the backyard to go find us and cut his neck pretty badly on the fence and had to get stitches. I was devastated when I returned from vacation to hear the news. But, after a week or two of love and treatment from Beverly and prayers from all of us he was doing much better and was able to come to live with us for good.

Clay and his new family

We got Clay for keeps in September of 2002 and we are going on 7 months of having him in our home and we all could not be happier! He is such a sweet, easy going and loving dog! Nixie and Clay are the best of friends and they get along so well. I can not imagine not having Clay in our home. He is such a big part of our lives. My husband and I don't have kids yet, so they are definitely our babies ( and I am sure that will not change even if we have kids!) I think adopting Clay from IMPS is one of the best and most rewarding things my husband and I have ever done. It is amazing what love can do! Clay is happy and so healthy and strong now and is with a family who loves him so much. Thanks for sharing our story and keep up the great work IMPS is doing for this special breed of dog.

Tonya and Steve

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