Brags: Myndi - 14 Oct

Brags: Myndi

Mon, 14 Oct 2002 22:49:02 EDT - from Laura Myndi

Hi Mag,

Kim told me last year to send some of my pics (I like to dress 'em up--and they'll do anything for a treat) of the imps fosters I fell for.

The one I want to do now is Myndi -- we got her at 2 yrs of age, and she was our second foster. She'd already been through two or three foster homes and because she didn't like men at all, everyone had difficulty. We knew she'd been abused, and once we adopted her we took her to our vet who confirmed rib damage and we could see the scars. Obviously someone hurt this little tiny thing.

She was a sweetie but pretty much preferred to play by herself. I was inspired to work with this little girl and show her what a loving human means. I purposely dropped pans on the kitchen floor until she got used to it and came out to investigate instead of running and hiding. I constantly handled her. I yelled loud until she stopped cringing and understood it was okay to hear loud voices. When we were ready, about six months later, we went to training classes. She did wonderfully. We even sat for the CGC exam -- however, she has gotten quite fussy and refused to laydown on the cold early morning wet grass, so we're going to try again. She has truly become a wonderful typical snobby hoity toity minpin. But LOVES to cuddle under the covers.... loves to play with humans and meet them, has no problems with strange men, and becomes sassier as time goes by.

Myndi Myndi

We've had her for two years now, and she has been such a wonderful kissy joy (she's learned to give kisses and will soak your face). She has truly been our joy. Because she is so lovable and huggable, we have nick named her "Squishy Bug". She is becoming more trained every day. The first time we had to leave her at the vet (she had a bad reaction to her shot), we'd had her only a year and it was her first time away from home without us, and it tore my heart to see them take her in their arms to the back of the clinic as her brown eyes stuck to my eyes with such a look of --"No, I'm happy, don't let me go!" So naturally we bugged them all evening, and finally were able to pick her up at midnight. And that was our most amazing breakthrough. When she saw us come back to get her, she realized she was truly family forever. Even as a volunteer, I can't express enough how truly wonderful a rescued MinPin is. I've two of my own -- I've had 'em for years before I found I could be a volunteer with IMPS....and adopt these imps -- and adore them...I've even created a local San Diego page for IMPS -- The MinPin House with a link to adopters who have also shared their wonderful experience with me and their pictures. So here's Myndi -- World Watch Out!



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