The 12th Annual Minpin Quilt Raffle 2013

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The Annual Miniature Pinscher Quilt Project is on again, and we are now calling for quilt squares! Whether you want to sew, appliqué, embroider, iron-on transfer, counted cross-stitch, paint, or any other medium, or to just donate money to the project, we would love your help! This is IMPS' biggest annual fundraiser, and we need your support to keep this tradition going. Go visit to see the Minpin Quilts from the previous raffles.

Here are the Quilt Square Instructions:


    The finished square should measure at least 13 inches square, which means 13" x 13". This is the VERY IMPORTANT! Please do not to make your square smaller than 13" x 13", as it would mean additional work for Paula. Additionally, your design within MUST be no larger than 12 inches square, allowing a ½ inch clearance between the design and the edge of the material, as shown below. If your design is oversized, it may not make it onto the Minpin Quilt.

    Quilt Square

  2. As this is a Minpin Quilt, we would prefer quilt squares with a Min Pin or dog theme.

  3. Please use cotton or cotton/polyester blend good quality fabrics. Avoid fabrics that feel stiff, or are loosely woven or stretchy.

  4. Please choose colors that aren't too extreme - try to stay with more neutral colors - the overall quilt will look better!

  5. And feel free to make more than ONE quilt square!! LOL!

So get started now, and let's make this quilt the best one yet! Have fun, and don't worry if you have never made a square before. Many of the quilt squares on our previous quilts were made by people who had never made a square before! If you need some ideas, here's a link to previous quilts

If you are planning to send in a square or two or more, please email Kim at, so we know how many to expect! Remember - the more squares we get, the better! And make sure you've read the Quilt Square instructions above :-)

The deadline for quilt squares is 31 Aug 2012.

Please send your quilt square(s) to:

Kimberly Molenhouse
3941 Bell Mountain Drive
Castle Rock, CO 80104

Crochet Square for the Quilt IMPS Raffle

Not sure if you can make a quilt square... Well, can you crochet???? Second prize will be a Crocheted Afghan made using squares donated by MinPin fanciers all over the country. We are also now calling for crochet squares, and we would love your help!

Please visit for all the details.

Donate a T-Shirt for the Quilt IMPS Raffle

Still not sure if you can make a quilt square or crochet... Well, how about donating a T-Shirt???? Third prize will be a T-Shirt Quilt made using dog-themed T-shirts, and we would love your help!

Please visit for all the details.

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