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My min pins

Mon, 08 Jun 2015 12:23:00 -0500 (CDT) - from Susan

Mattie, Beeni

I was reviewing the brag listing on the IMPS website and would like you to add my minpins to your brag list. These are my min pins I got thru IMPS: Madonna (Mattie) on the left (from So. Carolina) and Beeni on the right from Maryland. I got Mattie On May 23, 2015 and Beeni in january 2014. They get along very well. They live in Baltimore, Maryland now.
Thanks in advance for this update.


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Tina - Min Pin Rescue Success Story

Sun, 12 Apr 2015 19:16:39 -0400 - from Stephanie

Tina Tina

I remember it clearly like it was yesterday... It was May of 2007, I was 11 at the time, and my Dad asked my sister and I if we think that Snoopy (our Min Pin we already had) should have a brother or sister. Of course we said yes and before we knew it, we were on our way from Metro Detroit, Michigan to Holland, Ohio to bring home a new family member.

My parents had looked on the IMPS website at a dog named Missy or Misty, a red Min Pin. Once we arrived to the foster home, we found her and became comfortable with her... Until she bit my sister. Luckily, there was another dog next to her, (the foster parent claimed the two were best friends) named Tina. We instantly fell in love with this goofy dog. She has these floppy ears and when she wags her tail her whole lower body moves with it.

So here I am... 8 years later. Tina is currently laying next to me in her spot on my bed and we are inseparable. I consider her "my" dog because she constantly follows me around. Although she is loud, has awful acid reflux, and eats the crotch out of my leggings, underwear, and jeans, I love this dog more than anything in the world. We take naps together, we share snacks, and just hang out together. In fact, last year I went through an awful breakup, I laid in bed and cried for hours. When she heard me, she came and laid right next to me. (Even licking the tears off my face, lol.)

Tina will be 13 this year.. I know the average life span of Min Pins is about 15, so I am ready to give her the best years of her life.

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My success stories - Penny and Shadow

Thu, 29 Jan 2015 21:18:30 -0700 - from Jennifer

Penny, Sparrow

I adopted 2 min pins one was blind and diabetic. They are doing so well and I love them both. Both min pins were have medical costs penny the seizure dog runs 200 a month alone. We are very greatful for the work everyone does there to save these sweet animals. My min pins are the greatest dogs and bring us joy and love. Thanks for my babies!!!

Jennifer Phillips , colorado
Penny is the dog with both eyes and ver kind
Sparrow is my diabetic blind dog.

Penny, Sparrow

Penny, Sparrow

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Merry Christmas

Sun, 28 Dec 2014 21:26:54 +0000 (UTC) - from Cindy

Merry Christmas

A bit late but heart felt all the same :)

Warm Regards,


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Our rescue MinPin Nutmeg

Sat, 1 Feb 2014 00:05:55 -0500 - from Melody



We just wanted to share with you how wonderful our lives have been since we rescued, or should I say, our MinPin Nutmeg, rescued us. On October 22 2013, we pciked our sweet little girl from her foster mom Lori. Our lives had been so empty since our MinPin Emma had passed away from old age nearly 2 years ago. We had filled out a rescue adoption form, but never really actively sought out a puppy. We were in such a depression. Then our Foster mom Lori contacted us, and showed us pictures of Nutmeg-explaining that she was on a kill list and needed and an angel. Lori told us that Nutmeg was male aggressive so mot to expect to much. well, when we went to meet her, she jumped right into my husband's lap and couldn't stop kissing him!. Our sweet girl travels everywhere with us, back and forth to our children's homes, where she loves to play with our granddaughter and our granddogs! Nutmeg is a champion squirrel chaser and master cuddler. She loves to play and is very good at morning kisses. We are hoping to rescue a brother or sister for Nutmeg in the summer. Thank you so much for giving love back into our lives again!


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Adopted Chiquita form Diana in Oregon

Fri, 31 Jan 2014 11:56:01 -0800 - from Fran


I'm so happy I found this site and was connected with Chiquita (AKA Chick). She's a feisty addition to our family & we love her to death.

Here she is sleeping with her sister Tuff Kitty, and sister Chucky (Chick is the one with typical Min Pin markings). They are the same age and took to each other right away. The post on her said she was in need of a special home due to her fear but once she got here her personality turned around and calmed down. The vet calls her a Tasmanian Devil but told us she found the right home.

I can't think of how boring this house would be with out her.




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Kaleb our adopted Min Pin April 2013 Update

Sat, 4 Jan 2014 14:52:13 -0800 - from Cari


I adopted Kaleb last spring from Karen K an IMPS foster mom. I had been in deep mourning after the loss of our beloved Min pin Jojo in Oct. of 2012. I was searching on the internet for Min Pin puppies and found IMPS. I was so excited when I saw all the babies available for adoption. I also saw a story about a Jojo (looked exactly like my Jojo) that was adopted and I cried for an hour! I knew I would find a new baby on this site.

I emailed the site and soon I was in contact with Karen in Half Moon Bay. SHe said she had a perfect fit for me, little Kaleb. Boy was she right! He has come in to our lives and brought so much happiness. My world wasn't the same without our third wheel. We have two Jack Russell Terriers, Cookie and Lucky and when Jojo passed our walks just weren't the same.

Now I look down and see the cute little black and tan prance of Kaleb. I'm so thankful for Karen fostering him for nine months, she said she would have kept him if I hadn't come along. She said she new I was right for him when she saw we had a pool. Kaleb loves to swim! He has his own boogie board and fetches plastic squeaky toys that I toss to him. He gets in the pool and swims around like a little seal, it's so much fun!! Now I have a swimming buddy, he even climbs up my back while I'm doing laps with my kick board.

Thank you so much for our Kaleb!!


The first picture above is my Jojo not long before he passed of cancer.

Kaleb below


Jojo, Cookie and Lucky

Jojo, Cookie and Lucky

Me and Kaleb Christmas 2013

Me and Kaleb Christmas 2013

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Piper update

Wed, 25 Dec 2013 14:12:34 -0500 - from Jo

Piper and Bella

I got Piper almost 7 yeats ago from Georgia IMPS, she has been my precious ever since. We moved to Florida 4 years ago and retired. She has a rescue sister that she plays with, takes walks in the park, and has a big yard to play in. I wanted to share current pics with you. This is her opening her presents in her stocking with her sister Bella a toy fox terrier.

Merry Christmas MinPin rescue,

Jo and Piper


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Merry Christmas

Tue, 24 Dec 2013 06:27:09 -0800 (PST) - from Cindy

Cindy Xmas pic

Hi Mag,

I know that in the days of facebook, not as many pics get posted to the brag page, but here I am :)

Merry Christmas and Pees on Earth and Good Will towards Dogs!

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Roxie, my adopted MinPin

Mon, 23 Dec 2013 14:24:35 -0500 - from Rose

Roxie Roxie


Just thought I would send an update on Roxie, my Minpin that I adopted from IMPS in December 2005 from her foster family in Chattanooga, TN. She was nine then and had been surrendered by the family of the woman who owned her. She had Alzheimers. Roxie is now 17 and is still doing very well. Although she has slowed down some she still has some spunk in her. Especially when squirrels are around. She has recently gone blind in her left eye due to cataracts and the right one is going to get there as well. But she has no other health problems that we know of. My dad has become her 2nd 'person' as he will take her up to bed with him and rub her belly while he reads a night. Over the years my mom has made biscotti for her which she loves (especially the pumpkin flavored). She has lost all of her front teeth so now we soften her food for her some. One picture is of her laying back while we play cards. She does some of her best snoring during cards! She has been such a blessing to us and we hope that she has enjoyed us as much too.

Roxie Roxie

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Brodie (formerly Austin) adopted Christmas Eve, 2006

Sat, 23 Nov 2013 21:36:41 -0500 - Patty

brodie brodie

In November 2006, I sent a story about my boy, Jody, shortly after his death at age 10. My broken heart felt I would never love another dog again. But by Christmas that year, I took a leap of faith and adopted Austin, who I renamed Brodie. Soon I was crazy in love and Have been ever since. Brodie had a tough life before we got together and, so he had a look that got people's attention . . No front teeth so his tongue hung out, scarred little face, and a damaged eye that could not be saved. But when folks would say "poor puppy", I always said "don't pity this boy, he's got it good and his momma lives to make him happy and safe." Over the last 7 years, Brodie and I have faced some challenges that would have done others in, but he always came through so I would not be alone. Pancreatitis, major surgery for complete urethral obstruction due to bladder stones (that left him peeing from two different holes), diabetes at age 10, blindness in his one eye due to diabetic cataract two years later . . Fortunately corrected by cataract removal with lens implant. Last weekend, he went into pulmonary edema suddenly. His chest x-Ray showed significant cardiac enlargement not evident on last film one year ago. Two days of aggressive treatment left him little better but exhausted and still not able to do much but labor to breathe. We had a night at home to think things through . . . And I decided we were fighting a battle we could not win. He was 14 at least but he was willing to keep fighting to stay with me but I could not do that to him . . . I knew he was not going to be happy living as a sick pup . . he so hated to take pills and could no longer enjoy long walks or car rides. On Tuesday, we went back to the vet for the last time and I held him while he went to his rest. I wanted to go with him so bad and the pain of his loss makes it hard to get from day to day. Now I am alone and I hope someday I will love another puppy but right now, my tears for Brodie make it so hard to see that far. Hug your furry babies.

Patty C.

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Sat, 16 Nov 2013 22:51:38 +0000 (UTC) - from Linda


Hello, Mag. I am sad to tell you that Flynt, whom I renamed Gatsby, succumbed to a four year battle with cancer. He was 14, and after two previous surgeries, it was clear that the aggressive nature of the turmors would not give him a third chance.

Gatsby was the sweetest of my three Min Pins. Daisy and Zelda (also a rescue dog) are much like their Fitzgeraldian namesakes -- with expectations of constant adoration. Gatsby was gentle and loving, a handsome gentleman, whose eyes shown with unconditional love. He charmed everyone who met him with his good manners and warm disposition. When I was at home, Gatsby was my constant companion, But, he loved the outdoors and would climb on to patio furniture and potted plants to help himself to plums and figs right off the trees. Year around, I could expect to find him sleeping in a sunny spot on the deck, soaking up heat until his shiny black coat was hot to touch. At night Gatsby slept on the pillow above my head as if he were keeping guard through the night. He was also a tough little guy who patrolled the yard to keep it clear of evil squirrels and to warn away other interlopers.

I am so lucky to have spent the last 11 years with Gatsby. Thanks to Tracy in Roseville, CA for facilitating his adoption and to Jacqueline in Concord, CA for fostering him until he could make my his forever mom.

Sacramento, CA

Gatsby Gatsby

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Foxy Lady Foxy Lady

Thu, 31 Oct 2013 19:00:02 +0000 - from Diane

Hi I just wanted to IMPS know the Foxy Lady that I adopted from IMPS in 2002 passed away Monday. She was the best little girl and a wonderful part of our lives.

We miss her so much. She would have been 16 years old Dec 29th. We adopted her from Michele who was located in Wayne NY. I just wanted to say thank you for the honor a adopting such a wonderful pup, she was the best behaved and most loving dog I have ever know.

The picture on the right was taken last summer she was such a regal pup.

The picture below, Foxy's adoption day... she is the Red MinPin in the picture and the Black & Tan was my dog Cobaine they became the best of friends.


Foxy, Cobaine

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Rex - IMPS success story

Mon, 29 Jul 2013 08:58:24 -0500 - from Della


My husband and I (Donald & Della J) adopted a Minpin (Rex #5853) from IMPS September 11, 2006.

Rex is a happy, vibrant 15 year old boy. He is doing great. He has enjoys his big back yard, friend Ginger (also a minpin), long car rides, vacations in our camper and just hanging around the house.

My husband is his favorite human but he also enjoys being held by anyone who comes to visit (after a few barks to let them know who is boss.

Attached a some pictures of Rex.



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Marshall - IMPS success story

Thu, 25 Jul 2013 12:51:03 -0700 - from Sandy

Marshall Marshall


My husband and I adopted an IMPS dog in April of this year. He was nearly blind with cataracts and we were able with the help of animal lovers to get him surgery to restore his sight. We would love to have him on your Success Stories page. His Facebook page address is: www.facebook.com/marshallsfund

I have attached before and after pictures of him.




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My Little Min Pin

Sat, 13 Apr 2013 22:17:29 -0700 - from Justin

Last night I lost Daisy (aka Little, Little Business, Little Missus, Chicken Little, Miniature Spinster, Miniature Minstrel, etc.). She'd had gradually worsening health for several years, though, for the most part, she was very happy. Two days ago I finally mustered the courage to type her worsening symptoms into Google and thought she had congestive heart failure and finally let myself believe and know that she was going to die and probably soon. (An ultrasound showed it was in fact liver cancer, which presented many of the classic symptoms associated with congestive heart failure). It turned out soon was two days. I know a lot of people who doubt an animal's cognitive ability. Intelligence is the wrong word. They're not intelligent. They're not smart. But they possess a level of cognition and intuition that humans are not capable of. I think she knew she was nearing the end of her path for quite some time. And she knew I didn't know it. So she waited until I did. And then she let go.

I had Daisy for almost ten years. She was at least 13 and possibly as old as 16 or 17. She led a life full of love and devotion. She traveled with me everywhere I went as long as I didn't have to cross an ocean. She's claimed many bushes, flowers and shrubs in almost every state. At any given point in time she was more comfortable than any human in the room. At no more than 12 pounds she had the uncanny ability to dominate physical space. You'd lay down with her on the couch in a position that was suitable for cuddler and cuddled, and twenty minutes later she'd have you scrunched into the smalled possible space and you didn't utter a complaint or move a muscle for fear of disturbing such a serene and content presence.

We had our own language, too. If she was coming on a trip with me, I'd ask her, "comin' too?" She'd cock her head. I'd confirm, "comin' too!" And she would leap off the couch and bolt for the door. If she thought it was time for dinner and I hadn't quite realized it, she would pace around at my feet and gently nudge my leg with her nose.

She was, unequivocally, the best friend I have ever had. She was so small, and she spent the majority of her latter years snoozing under a blanket, but my house is palpably empty without her presence. Anyone who's been in my house can physically feel the lack of her. If I didn't know it before, I sure know now that I depended on her at least as much as she depended on me.

I am unspeakably empty without her. But I'm so glad she's not in pain anymore.

This is how we spent most of the last month, on the couch, watching television:



This is how she spent her very last day:


This is where her body rests, adorned with her namesake. Her body is a far smaller vessel than the heart it held*:


This was the love of my life:



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OUR RUSTY - Long overdue update!

Sun, 10 Feb 2013 19:55:47 -0600 (CST) - from Dixie

Chachi, Carrie, Rusty with Dixie
Top to Bottom: Chachi, Carrie, Rusty with Dixie
(Our Minpins have aged, but then so has mom!)

Our IMPS baby, Rusty is going to be 12 years old this coming April, we adopted him in December 2003. Wow! He has been our boy for ten years now! Although he's getting grey, he's still a puppy at heart, a toy hoarder, and a really loving "big" little guy. He loves all family members, but is and always will be a "daddy's boy". He and our other furkids have enjoyed us both home 24/7 for the past 6 years since we retired. We had to see our precious first Minpin boy, Cujo, to the Bridge at 16 1/2 years old - (a little over 4 years ago). He was my heart and I cried almost every night for him. Carrie, our Minpin girl (almost 11) and Rusty gave me love and comfort, but my heart ached for my Cujo. About 6 months after Cujo's passing a little Chihuahua mix boy (about 12 weeks old) who was running the streets in our neighborhood, came into our lives and we brought him in, with every intention of finding him a good home (yeah right! Well, we did!). He needed lots of socializing and TLC for months due to traumas in his young life. He was afraid of everything. Our Minpins immediately took him into the pack. We named him Chachi. He is a well adjusted and happy boy today. By the way, my two Minpins literally trained and raised this puppy for me, it truly was the easiest puppy training period I've ever experienced. Of course, you foster moms know how grateful these furkids are for kind treatment, warmth, and food, so they do their very best to please, which is what Chachi did.


Rusty loves to play with the toys (off camera there is a sofa where he hides his toy stash!) A day or two after Christmas I didn't see ANY of the 6 Xmas toys they had been given. Yup, found them behind sofa!


CHACHI - 4 years old (Chi mix, thinks he's a Minpin, in love with Carrie)


"The Pack" - On a RV trip - Napping after a walk.
L-Chachi Back-center: Rusty Front: Carrie


Rusty helps mom with Xmas Stocking.

I still look at the IMPS web site and wish all of you two-legged and four-legged folks a great 2013!

Dixie, Rusty, Carrie and Chachi
Wildomar, California

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Lucy's "glam" pic

Wed, 9 Jan 2013 20:33:13 -0500 - from Michelle



I appologize for taking so long to send this. I was having trouble downloading it from my phone. This is the REAL glam picture of Lucy in her goofy sweater and beautiful matching necklace! The "necklace" is actually an ankle bracelet but it's all in your persepcective! She thinks it's the crown jewlels! I hope you had a nice holiday season. Thanks again!

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2012 Christmas Pic

Fri, 21 Dec 2012 14:43:06 -0500 - from Cindy

Kahn, Sargeant

Hi Mag,

It wouldn't be Christmas without sending you my Christmas pic :o)

Merry Merry Christmas from Kahn, Sargeant and their Humans.

Wishing you all health, wealth and happiness for now and the new year!


Kahn, Sargeant

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Meiko in Des Moines Iowa

Fri, 7 Dec 2012 17:47:32 -0600 - from Sherrie


Adopted Meiko in 2006 - he is still a sweet boy and loves to snuggle at night.

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Lucy Lu

Sun, 2 Dec 2012 22:39:59 -0500 - from Michelle

Lucy       Lucy

Good evening! I've never done this before but I wanted to up date you on Lucy. She is so perfect! I adopted her three years ago this past September. I was in Cincinnati then and she came to me by way of a fantastic foster mom named Michelle. Lucy had been seriously abused and her level of trust was zero. Quick movements, loud voices (she could not tell the difference between family having a good time and someone yelling at her), touching her head or feet were all no-no's and would send her into a barking frenzy all the while trying to back away from you. I had to learn to slow down around her... take my time putting her leash on or off, not moving the kitchen rug with my feet, etc. After being with her for about three months and watching her reaction to the most normal of things - picking up a hairbrush to brush my hair - etc. I decided that the firs six years of her life must have been pretty rough so the rest of her life she was going to be my baby princess! Yes, she's spoiled, I did it and she deserves it! After about six months, I could move a little faster around her and then at about nine months or so, I knew she knew I loved her when she came to bed (she sleeps under the covers with me) and came up to my pillow, laid down and laid her head on my neck! She stayed that way for about 5 minutes then moved over to her "bed' (one of my other pillows" and went to sleep. It's now her routine with me and it couldn't make me any happier! Lucy is truly a one dog in a household dog and she's the one, otherwise I would have another IMPS sweetheart in my house. Lucy does not like to share mom's lap in any way! I am a knitter so of course, she has a wardrobe of sweaters! I call the one goofy sweater I made in the picture I've attached her "I always wanted to be a poodle" sweater! She's glaming it up in the one picture with her new poodle sweater and matching necklace! She is the best and I am so grateful for your organization. When the time comes that Lucy crosses over the rainbow bridge, I will be knocking on your "web" door again! Thank you and all of your foster mom's for giving these wonderful imps a chance!

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Jo Peppler - IMPS success story

Tue, 17 Jul 2012 15:11:22 -0400 - from Nate

Bailey Bailey

July 1, 2011 my Miniature Pinscher, Bailey, passed away after blessing my family and I with fifteen and a half years his love. He embraced every wonderful Miniature Pincher quality and spread his love to everyone he encountered. He was the best friend anyone could ever hope to have. Bailey was the smartest and most loyal dog I have ever encountered. He made it his daily mission to make everyone around him feel loved. He would give hugs and kisses whenever you were down regardless if you thought you needed them, he definitely knew best.

When Bailey passed, I decided that I would wait until I felt it was right to get another dog and allowed myself the necessary time to mourn his passing. After several months I began looking on the internet for rescue dogs. At the time I wasn't sure if I could get another Miniature Pinscher again, so I entertained the idea of adopting several different breeds. As a result of my exceptional experience with Bailey I kept looking at Min pins.

On the morning of December 15, 2011, I stumbled upon the IMPS website. After reading the descriptions of almost every available dog in the US, I read the following description:


"Jojo: 4 month old black/tan male, neutered, undocked tail and uncropped ears, 10", 9.5 lbs. Shots up-to-date.

Owner surrender.

Here is the cutest little man you will ever meet.....Jojo! At 4 months old and almost 10 pounds, he has so much character, it could fill a room. He is a black and tan beauty with a long swishy tail that never seems to stop moving. This little man loves to please, loves to love and love, and loves to be with his people.

Snuggle Master Jojo will keep you warm on a chilly evening and tell you stories when you are bored. Loving is his game! People big and small, young and old, he loves them all. Even cats and other dogs are right up his alley. The happier he is the higher his ears get, like the corners on a smile. If this little man sounds like a good fit for your life please send us an e-mail and fill out an application".

After reading the description I immediately knew in my heart that he was "the one". Why he had to be located all the way across the country, I am not sure; but that is typical now that I know Jo. I made contact with his foster mom Beth. She and I exchanged many emails, stories, pictures, and videos over the course of the following few weeks while the paper work was processed.

I made arrangements after the holiday to fly from Baltimore, MD to Reno, NV to meet my new buddy. I was so excited I really didn't sleep much that evening in anticipation of the big day...I was, and still apparently am, that kid on Christmas. The next morning I sat in the lobby of my hotel eagerly awaiting Beth, Matt, their girls, and Mr. Jo. When they brought him in he immediately jumped up in my lap like we were the best of buds and he didn't leave my side. I thanked her for taking such great care of him and making the adoption process so great.

And thus our adventure began....


During the plane ride back Jo sat in the seat, as he should, adjacent to me the whole way home. He made friends with the flight attendants and informed him that he preferred water to soda, I was quite impressed. And I thought Beth had been joking about him telling bedtime stories. He thoroughly enjoyed the treats I brought along, as well as, the exciting rawhide bone.


Once home, he was a little scared about his new surroundings; however, he soon made friends with Lucy, our Labrador retriever, who now pretty much acts like his mother and attempts to keep him in line. Jo also befriended the cat, Spooky, with whom he rough houses with every day.


Over the last 6 months Jo has been on several adventurous road trips to Virginia Beach, Va, Charleston, Sc, Washington D.C., as well as making several overnight camping trips to Shenandoah, Va. and various state parks in Maryland. Jo has become quite an active triathlon training partner; however, he has not quite figured out the bike yet. He isn't quite a year old so he still has time.

As with all dogs they tend to adopt a number of nicknames over the course of their lives, Jo is no exception. He has come to be called Jo-buddies or JB's, the Sweet Potato Bandit (his favorite food/treats are fresh sweet potatoes), and of course Barber Shop Jo. About two months ago, Jo decided that my beard needing trimming and began chewing on it all over, similar to a person eating corn, trimming it quite evenly I might add. Now whenever he sees fit he becomes "Barber Shop Jo". Jo and I are pretty much inseparable and I really can't imagine life without him. He is an amazing guy and he was described perfectly by Beth. He is a snuggle master, extremely smart, attentive, loves to please, loves to love and love, and loves to be with his people.



I cannot say enough about how great IMPS was through the adoption process and seeing to it that Jo has a forever home with my family and I.

Thank you so very much for all that you do!


Nathan P.

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Merry Pin-mas!!

Thu, 22 Dec 2011 00:50:05 -0800 (PST) - from Kielty

Merry Pin-mas!!

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Merry Christmas ;o)

Thu, 15 Dec 2011 14:07:46 -0500 - from Cindy

Kahn, Sargeant

Merry Christmas to one and all,
Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a Happy 2012.
From Kahn and Sargeant (and Cindy & Derek)

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Photos of Minnie (now goes by Lola)

Mon, 31 Oct 2011 11:52:55 -0600 - from Autumn


Hi there--

Just wanted to share some photos of Minnie (now goes by Lola).

Lola is doing very well and has settled in to be quite a princess as you can see by the pictures. Her favorite past time is curling up in her 49ers blanket--upside down, or giving the cats their exercise throughout the day by playing "chase" up & down the hallway.

She's a very well-behaved dog and follows me just about everywhere. She despises getting out of bed with me in the morning because she's underneath the covers, but I think she definitely knows that she has her forever home and a "mom" that adores her! Her favorite words to hear are, "Lola, are you a pretty girl?" She immediately puts her ears down, licks her lips, and blinks her eyes as if she's a princess. It's the most adorable thing that pulls my heart strings!

I'm working on her outside manners as that she loves the sound of her own voice! She's very protective of her home and a little leery of strangers. It seems to help when I pick her up and hold her for introductions. She calms down quite a bit. Lola definitely has the Min Pin guard dog mentality.

She's not too interested in toys as that she's a complete lap dog. Her favorite toy is actually the cats' little toy mice. Lola steals them from Quincy and Kenya and I find them buried under her 49ers blanket. I'm still not sure though it's the mouse, or the fact that she takes & hides them from the cats (I feel it may be the latter!).

I just wanted to thank IMPS for their wonderful job with rescuing Min Pins, and especially the wonderful foster parents that dedicate their time & hearts to those who can't speak for themselves. Lola is a wonderful addition to my family and fills my heart each & every day.

Keep up the great work!


Autumn Y.






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Thank You

Sun, 30 Oct 2011 14:21:43 -0700 - from Amy


buddy It was June 4th,2004. We had had a home visit and been approved. My Daughter Jodi and I drove to Auburn, WA to get Rocky. A volunteer named Vicki told us what she could of him. We changed his name to Buddy. He had been taken from a home where they used him for bait to train Dogs to fight. He had had a rough first 18 months. He never got over his fear of bigger dogs he didn't know well. He always attacked first. He was very smart and loved to run. He had full run of our farm. My Daughter took him to her apartment when she moved out but he hated it. Barked if she left him so she brought him back home to me. Buddy was sick last week Friday October 28th,2011 and I knew it was bad. When I took him to the vet she said his gallbladder was not working. We made a plan to take him to a specialist on Monday. He hated going to the vet. When we got him home my Husband went outside and Buddy followed him out. When he turned around Buddy was gone. It was 2:30 and we searched until after midnight in the pouring rain. I posted on every site I could looking for him after I came in that night. When a local volunteer Jacqueline heard he was missing she brought a friend Danny and searched. Danny found him. He had hidden and died from his illness. It brought me much needed closure. I had been within 3 feet of him and he hadn't responded to my call. THANK YOU JACQUELINE AND DANNY. RIP BUDDY 2002-OCTOBER 28,2011.

I searched and searched for a picture of Buddy and I. I am always behind the camera and Buddy is always right next to me - see picture above right.




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Our boys: Max and Dexter "Harry"

Mon, 24 Oct 2011 15:42:53 -0400 - from Amy

Dexter, Max

First I would like to thank all of the volunteers at IMPS for all that they do in helping, fostering and rescuing all the little Min Pins.

The beginning of July we adopted our first baby boy Dexter (previously know as Harry) through IMPS. He was a 13 week old Min Pin mix that had been rescued from a high kill shelter. The minute we met him we just fell in love. Dexter has been such a joy and is such a sweet loving little guy. Dexter just recently graduated from puppy school where he loved playing with all the other puppies. We thought Dexter needed a brother so back to the IMPS site to see if we saw one that would be a good fit. While scrolling down the page we saw Max an owner give up who was just over a year old. He was so cute and the description sounded just what we were looking for. I spoke to his foster Mom and we arranged a time to go pick up Max and see if the two of them would get along. The first couple of days we weren't sure, but as the days go by they seem to love each other a little bit more everyday. They both love to snuggle up with you, play with their toys and of course in true Min Pin form chase the squirrels out of their backyard. We are so grateful for both of our little boys. We just love both of them and are so happy to have them be a part of our family.

The Bricker family

P.S. Dexter is black/brown and Max is chestnut red.

Dexter, Max



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Shayna's story


Thu, 15 Sep 2011 00:57:26 -0700 - from Karen

August 6, 2009, Shayna came to live with me. She wasn't my first dog, but she quickly became a cherished part of my family.

Shayna means beautiful. She wasn't when I adopted her. She had been recovering from ringworm and was still a little bald in spots. But what she lacked in beauty, she made up in spunk and energy!

She's bright, impatient, extremely vocal, eager to be a part of everything that's happening.

Shayna has become a most cherished family member. She gets along with everyone, people or animal. Our household includes my first dog Jelly, a min pin/Chihuahua, Amber, a red min pin who came to us a year after Shayna, Muffin the guinea pig, and Kitty, the old cat.

Shayna and Muffin play together with Shayna climbing in Muff's cage to play. She also plays at night with Kitty; the only one of the dogs to do so.

Shayna has been to the ocean and has gone swimming at the lake wearing her life jacket. She is fiercely courageous, and very curious. She scouts the back yard eagerly checking the early morning and late evening smells.

Shayna loves to sleep under the covers, under couch blankets, and especially under my shirts when she's tired. She has the toys from her foster home as well as all the toys from my house. She has two favorites; one a baby toy her foster mom Diane gave her. The other an unstuffed grey elephant. Every night elephant comes to bed with Shayna, and we play before settling down to sleep. I love min pins. I love Shayna. I can't imagine not having her. She had grown into her name-- she's truly beautiful, and anyone who adopts a min pin is rewarded with the love and loyalty and entertainment that min pins bring.



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Success Story - Carter in GA

Thu, 14 Jul 2011 15:27:23 +0000 - from Elizabeth


About 2 months ago my mother was fostering a precious dog named Carter. We instantly bonded. My mother had to go out of town for a few days, so I watched Carter while she was gone. Within 24 hours of being together, I knew I wanted to adopt him. I told my mother but she said I had to wait at least 1 week. I counted down the days and when that 1 week was up I sent in my application. Carter and I are now happily living together in Valdosta, GA. He is such a wonderful, sweet dog, I couldn't ask for anyone better! Thanks so much for all you do.



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Thu, 23 Jun 2011 17:24:11 -0400 - from Chris


This is my IMPS boy Orange "Crush" a.k.a. Can-A-Soda (previously named Logan). He had a fabulous agility weekend 6-17/18/19 in East Durham NY. He qualified in 6 of his 7 classes (with first place finishes in all of them). He also earned his "AD" (Agility Dog) title in USDAA.

I adopted Crush on Nov. 27, 2008. He's becoming a fabulous agility dog!

Here's a link to a cute picture of him at a trial in May - love the smile on his face! http://www.pbase.com/barryrosen/image/135136389/medium


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My babies

Tue, 31 May 2011 16:22:36 -0400 - from Tony

Ruby, Diamond

I adopted Ruby from IMPS almost 7 years ago, and I rescued Diamond from the local shelter. I am including their pictures for your success story page. Miss Ruby is the dominant one. She loves to climb, chase birds and rabbits, steal daddy's food from the counter top, and run away from home to explore the neighborhood. I had to have a extension added to the top of my fence and tilt it inward to keep her in the yard. When we moved to our current home she was always climbing over the fence to visit the neighbors. The neighborhood kids started calling me the "car guy". That had such an ominous sound to it that I was spurred to save even faster to fix my fence before the cops came by! Diamond would stay in the yard and bark after Ruby broke free so he could go riding with me while we looked for Ruby! Ruby would stop long enough to make sure that we were following her and take off before I could catch her. Mind you, she would always stop for a neighbor lady or a man with food! She just wouldn't stop for me. I never spanked them (I have been tempted though) and it took me a while to understand that this was just a game for her. Me, I was having heart palpitations chasing her around the neighborhood. Diamond was in his doggie seat looking out the window and enjoying the ride! Diamond is very neurotic and barks at everything! He literally ran ruts into my yard by the fence! He is very quiet and affectionate when we are alone, but he doesn't like company in the house. He is currently hard at work digging up the cherry tree in our back yard. Sometimes all I can see is butt and tail up in the air. I have given up trying to repair the holes in the yard! I wouldn't trade my babies for all the gold in the world! In case you haven't figured it out, Ruby is the red girl and Diamond in the black boy. Thank you IMPS for your service to these beautiful dogs and their grateful owners!

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Tootsie -- RIP our beloved

Tue, 17 May 2011 11:10:30 -0700 (PDT) - from Michelle


We adopted Tootsie a very long time ago. We lost her this past April. Our vet said she had lived well beyond the typical age span of this breed. The IMPS foster we adopted her from said they thought she had been a mother in a puppy mill.

From the moment she arrived in our house, she made our family complete. She was a lover, cuddler, person under my husbands blanket as he lounged in bed and watched TV, announcer of any visitors knocking at our door, guardian of us on walks in the neighborhood challenging any other dog to dare touch us. She was scarfer of unprotected pizzas or any other food you happened to leave on the coffee table while you ran to get the fork, drink or napkin you forgot to bring with you. She was the one who bound onto the bad and bathed your face in kisses, hugged you with her forearms and heralded your waking with barks of 'WHOOPIE! YOU'RE AWAKE!'. She was a unintentional clown, hated wearing a raincoat but looked adorable in it. She made us laugh for the duration of her time with us which was 7 long, and too short years. She never complained, always begged, knew how to spell F-O-O-D and knew when it was 5A or 5P--her designated mealtimes. She knew bye-bye and would go into an excited frenzy of barking and leading us toward the door. Once outside and down the stairs she would drag us to any car so we could get going. She barked at everyone in her visual field on these trips.

She saw us off to work or anywhere outside our door. She welcomed us home every time and met us at the door until the last year she blessed us.

We saw her through a surgery to remove one of her breasts and also one to remove a bladder stone the size of a fat quarter (which I still have in an old medicine bottle--gross huh?), a recurrent foot problem with her rear left foot, and an attack by a bigger neighborhood dog.

On the day we said goodbye to her and let her go was the saddest day in my life.

Tootsie left a gaping hole in our house that is still raw and easily reopened.

We thanked God for blessing us with her for so very long and only regretted that we'd not met her sooner.

I wear her dog tags on a chain around my neck. My husband wears her final collar around his wrist. We wrapped her body in her favorite blanket from which a piece was torn to keep. Her cold weather coat is in a ziploc bag to retain her scent. My husband can remember her with a gentle smile of fondness. I can't NOT cry each and every time I think of her, talk about her or look at photos of her.

Thank you so much for what you do. It means the world to these babies, and to, I'm guessing, most of the adoptive parents.

Find precious photos of our Tootsie attached.


Lamaur, Michelle and Erin S.

Tootsie Tootsie

Tootsie Tootsie


Tootsie Tootsie

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My lil' man Charlie

Thu, 24 Mar 2011 14:10:10 -0400 - from Nubia

Charlie Charlie

This is my little man Charlie and how I love him so. This journey started when I fell in love with my aunt's IMPS not-so-mini pin Peti. I felt the need to do a good cause and spread some love around. Thanks to George, who has a "gift" of connecting us to these cutie pies, introduced me to this handsome fellow and he became my new love on January 30th, 2011.

Charlie has completely taken my whole heart and wrapped it around his paw. I tell everyone he used to be a pony in another life because he is the king of trotting around in an elegant circle... on the bed, on the grass... everywhere. Loves to "protect" all his toys on his bed, and hide them away in his secret lair. Absolutely loves treats, especially plantain chips and cotton candy! YES! Cotton candy. Walking him is an epic "Investigational Adventure" with the need to smell EVERYTHING in detail. Charlie loves wearing a sweater or tshirt, hiding his face under blankets and pillows, and digging himself inside my kidneys or the back of my legs. His favorite thing of all time? CAR RIDES. He will stand the whole ride and take in the breeze and the city of Miami. He is full of character, bit of a loner and sometimes a little grouch, but gives you that sweet face and totally takes you over.

Charlie Charlie

I told myself 2011 was going to be a year of great change and finding true happiness and love, and I have done just that with Charlie. I am so happy and proud to be Charlie's mom, and giving him the care and love that he needs, wants, and deserves. He finally has a permanent home and someone who will do what it takes to keep him happy and feeling loved.

So thanks IMPS, you're awesome.

Love: Nubia and Charlie

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Mon, 21 Mar 2011 12:40:10 -0400 - from Sloane and Nick


Hi there. Just wanted to tell you I adopted Benson from IMPS about 14 months ago. We are completely besotted and can't imagine what our lives were like without him. He's fit and happy and gorgeous. And he has a great life. He comes to work with me during the week and is surrounded by people all day and on the weekends he gets to hike and play in the country. He loves snow! Thank you for rescuing him!

Sloane and Nick

Benson Benson


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Success Story: Paris

Fri, 18 Mar 2011 21:06:54 -0600 - from Sue

Hi Mag,

One of our Pins is a heroine!

Paris was turned into Albuquerque Animal Humane as a stray on May 14, 2010. She was probably less than a year old and she was a handful! Extremely active, very beautiful, affectionate and dominate! She was a bit oversized at 14 inches tall and 14 pounds and she took over her foster home. After many inquiries, numerous conversations and e-mails, we decided Paris' forever home was going to be in Oceanside, New York. The adopter had lost a female Pin to cancer. Paris resembled her lost love and Paris needed an experienced Min Pin home. Paris flew to LaGuardia airport on August 18, 2010 and has been the love of her new parents life ever since. Now, she saved their lives!



Hi Sue,

You not only sent us a perfect little friend, she is also our hero. I thought you might like an update on our little Paris. Last night she jumped off the bed several times. I asked her if she wanted to potty and opened the door, she wouldn't leave the room. Finally I went out toward her doggy door passing through the kitchen. I saw the gas nob was turned on and was leaking out gas, quiet strongly. She is our HERO.
God bless you and IMPS.

Hope you enjoyed the update. She stills hates squirrels, she lives her people and her people love her. Thank you many times over for our little Paris.

Jennifer and all who love Paris


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Brady - my angel baby

Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2011 19:08:24 +0000 - from Clara


In May 2008 I got an email from Janice who volunteers/coordinates for IMPS in our region. We had recently adopted Max (formerly Sunny) an IMPS Min Pin who had been fostered in poor conditions and were working hard with his vets to get him healthy. Janice knew that we already had three 'pins, but I had expressed interest in perhaps getting one more, preferably an older, special needs dog that would be difficult to adopt out. At the time Janice called me, Brady (then Brad) had not yet entered into the IMPS system. All she knew was that his owner had died of a brain tumor and that a family friend who owned a kennel was keeping him, but that they needed to find him a home fast or he'd be off to the local pound.... She sent me a couple of pictures of Brad. In them I saw a very small black and tan min pin with a pleading look in his big round eyes. That day I went home and told my husband .... But before I could get the entire story out, he flat-out said "NO, no more dogs". Frustrated, I printed one of the pictures of Brad and stuck it on the refrigerator with the following written in a cartoon-style quote bubble: "Hello, my name is Brad... please save me, I only have three days left..."

A day passed with no comment from my spouse. The next day was Friday and in the afternoon I received a call at my office: "Where is the dog now?" (I knew I had won!) --- the next day we went to "visit" Brad... hubby wasn't making any promises about taking him home... but when we walked into the play room at the kennel and the little guy with the perky gait and sniffly breathing sounds walked up to him, my husband was a goner.... "We can't leave him here, he's coming home with us now."

That is how Brady came into our lives. His story was a sad one - apparently his owner had had terminal brain cancer and had been moved around for a few years among her relatives, as her health declined. Brad, her littlest dog, went with her throughout, while her larger dogs were adopted by various family members. When she finally passed away, no one in the family wanted Brad and due to his age (and probably his health as well) the family were going to put him down, until a friend of the deceased woman offered to take him into her kennel and to try to find a home for him. He was nearing the end of her charitable offer when we showed up to claim him. So Brad came home with us and on the way he agreed to a slight name change: he became Brady.

Brady had a multitude of issues - a few visible and most completely internal that we did not learn of until after several visits to the vet. It was clear when we got him that he had some kind of infection in his mouth or sinuses. His eyes were cloudy and crusty and he sneezed rather too much for it to be normal. His anal area was excessively swollen and stuck out like a little torpedo and he had one testicle - apparently the second one had never dropped and was herniated... His initial appointments were to clear up the infection so that he could undergo dental procedure to clean his teeth and also neutering and expressing of his anal glands. The antibiotics seemed to work well enough for those procedures to be done; during his dental cleaning, as the years of tartar were scraped from his teeth and gumline, one by one nearly all of his teeth FELL out. When all was said and done, he had just a couple of fangs and a molar or two left in his mouth. The doctor also informed us that he had a rather severe birth defect in the form of a hole in his soft palate that made it very difficult for Brady to eat or drink and swallow without getting food or drink into his air passages. She was amazed that he had not suffocated early in life because of the size and location of the hole. This also explained his gurgly sounding breaths and most of his sneezing and wheezing. The neutering went well, but the anal procedure was horrific. Years of hardened material had built up inside his anal glands and the doctors had to work hard to soften it and inserted tubes into the glands to flush them out; they then filled the spaces with antibiotics. X-rays showed that the infection in his teeth and gums had worked its way into the bone structure of his snout and over time it had eaten away at the bone, leaving it fragile and looking more like swiss cheese. This explained Brady's extreme sensitivity and his dislike of being touched in the face. His eye infections were treated and cleared up nicely - but years of poor care and malnutrition showed because the whites of his eyes were yellow, and the doctor said that it wasn't going to get better or change.

But the most devastating diagnosis was yet to come. A few months after we had adopted him, Brady developed a kidney infection. When the vet took x-rays, she discovered that his lungs were filled with fluids and his heart was enlarged. The numbers from his bloodwork combined with the x-ray views made the diagnosis simple: congestive heart failure. We were told that there was no cure for this - that all we could do was medicate and make him comfortable and give him the best care that we were willing to offer. By this time the little guy had worked his way into our hearts. There was something different about Brady. Oh sure, he was a Min Pin, like the others... but Brady had a little something extra or different in his personality. It was as though he understood every word that we spoke. He became very attached to me and would accompany me everywhere. In time, he would sit up and howl if I were absent or away from his side for too long... He learned to communicate his needs to me and I learned to read his body language and expressions and sounds, so that I could tell when he wanted to go potty or for a walk or when he was uncomfortable or quietly suffering in pain... I knew when he needed help getting up or down stairs, or when he needed lap time, nap time or snuggle time. Brady got along fine with the other dogs, but soon it became clear that he considered himself to be my protector. At night, while I slept beside my husband, he would sit in the bed, awake and alert, with his head facing the bedroom door - and he would not sleep until after we got up to go to work for the day. When I had an accident and was homebound for several months, Brady considered himself to be my personal assistant and he stuck close to me like white on rice. And when I lost my job and was home for months and months, Brady became my little angel baby. He had lots of nicknames - we called him "frijolin" (free-ho-leen) which means "little bean" because he loved to take his meds in a dollop of mashed beans... He was called "pedorrin" for the little clouds that came out the other end after he ate the beans... I called him my little piece of poo, my little piece of love... because he was so little and so fragile... lol... but most of all, he was my Angel Baby, because he had appointed himself to be my little guardian angel and he watched over me and brightened my days.

A few weeks ago I started a new job, after nearly a year of being at home with my Brady and the rest of our Min Pin nation. While I was relieved to start working again, I immediately felt the loss of his company and wished that I could take him with me...

During my first week at work I noticed that Brady's appetite was dropping off significantly - so much so that by Wednesday I was calling the vet, and on Saturday we brought him in to be seen. They kept him for a few hours, checked him out, took x-rays, did bloodwork, and when we picked him up the vet gave us a prescription for a renal diet that she thought would be good for him. She said his numbers looked good. Over the next three days we watched Brady closely. We started him on his new food which (thank goodness!) he loved and ate happily. His energy was fine and he seemed to be resigned to my absences. Tuesday night was a normal night like any other. We got into bed and when my husband complained that the dog was preventing him from snuggling his wife, for some reason I replied: "honey, Brady needs me right now, so let's just snuggle him together." That night I fell asleep like so many other nights, with Brady nestled in the crook of my arm, his little head resting on my shoulder and body pressed against my side.

The next morning, when my husband got into the shower I reached for Brady, who had migrated during the night to my spouse's side of the bed. I sat up to look for him and when I saw him my heart sank and I knew instantly that he was gone. I went to pick him up and his body was still very warm. I hugged him to me, heedless of the bloating of his belly or the wetness from his bladder having released itself after he breathed his last breath. My heart ached and I felt a hole open up that I knew would never be filled again. My Angel Baby was gone. That was January 26th. Brady gave me nearly three years of his life - and I wouldn't trade a single second of the time that I had with him. I wish he were here with me now, and I miss his shiny, silky coat, his perfect little paws and the little gargling sound he made when he tried to growl.... I miss his sneezes and his pleading looks, begging for a piece of steamed broccoli or sweet potato, two of his favorite foods. Most of all I miss his presence - knowing that he is with me, being able to care for him and make him feel comfortable and safe and loved. He has crossed the rainbow bridge and left our hearts forever changed.


In memory of Brady, my wonderful husband and I quickly decided to adopt an older, special-needs Min Pin (I think my husband wanted also to find some way to plug that hole in my heart and find a way to stem my tears). And that is how Prince the Min Pin has come into our lives. Prince was something of a celebrity Min Pin when we adopted him from Janice, the IMPS coordinator who had previously led us to Max and Brady. And part of adopting him meant agreeing to keep up his FaceBook page and allow him time with his many fans. Most days I log on to FB with Prince in my lap and we post his messages... and we have posted a few photos, too - of Prince and Brady and Max and our original Min Pin kids, Oscar and Cecilia, who opened our world to the wonder and joy of living with and loving these amazing and special little guys and gals. If anyone is interested in following Prince's adventures, please do look him up on FaceBook. Just enter a search for 'Prince the Min Pin'. And to anyone who is considering adopting a pet, please give some consideration to adopting an older dog, or even one with special needs. The love and the joy that you will discover with these unique and often overlooked pets is indescribable - and is well worth the time and effort and any cost of owning such a dog.

I will always love and remember my Angel Baby, Brady

(and Claudio (spouse), Max, Oscar, Cecilia, Prince (aka Min Pin Nation), Francesca(Russell Terrier), Socrates (Shih Tzu) and the four cats who wish to remain anonymous)
February 18, 2011

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Hershey Bar

Mon, 14 Feb 2011 18:19:28 -0500 - from The Rudds


Hello my name Rossana a little over a year ago I adopted a minpin from you guys whose name is Hershey Bar. I just wanted to updated you on how he is, he has gain weight. He now weighs 22 pounds and is healthy. He loves our other dog Max who is a lab hound mix. I tried letting the guy that was fostering Hershey know how he was doing but I never received a response from him, so I decided to contact you guys directly. As I said he is doing really well, I love him to pieces he is a member of the family. I have attached a picture of him laying in my lap. Thank you guys some much for rescuing my baby from a shelter that was going kill him.

The Rudds

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Brooklyn's Story

Sun, 30 Jan 2011 22:29:51 -0800 (PST) - from Barbara


I thank God every day for people like my friend/coworker Tracy who spend their time;money and open their homes to foster "tossed aside" animals.

Here's my (or should I say Brooklyn's) story:

I'm an RN. Went to a birthday party for my nurse manager in Sept 2010. Little did I know how things could change in a few short hours. The house was jam packed with about 60 people. My friend Tracy was holding the most beautiful; well behaved dog I had EVER seen(should mention we have a very spoiled 5yo chihuahua). Tracy told us this Min Pin named Little Bit had been surrendered by her owners along with her daughter the previous week. I didn't know Tracy very well at the time so I was clueless as to how involved she is with the So. Nevada IMPS rescue.
This precious dog was wearing the cutest "Adopt Me" shirt. That was all it took for me. I held Little Bit for a few minutes and knew I HAD to have her.
I tried phoning hubby BUT the man NEVER answers his phone yet we continue to pay for it...lol
I got home that night and was so excited and told him about Little Bit. He wouldn't hear about it. He didn't think it would be fair to our chihuahua(who never played well with others). Over the following days there was many tears on my part...trying to convince him to adopt Little Bit. Even as we were walking out the door so he could meet Little Bit he was still saying...NO MORE DOGS!!!!!


Meeting went OK. She couldn't care less one way or another about Ron. I was SURE she was going to be ours...I even had a new name for her(little did I know how PERFECT her new name matched her personality/attitude). She was going to be named...BROOKLYN!!!!!

That was on a Monday. By Thursday...we had our home check done and I dropped off Peaches(chihuahua) at the vet to be spayed...yea...forgot to tell hubby THAT minor detail. House check...approved...when the upstairs was checked out there was even a new dish with BROOKLYN's name on it...the IMPs coordinators LOVED that. It took about an hour for Little Bit to learn that she had a new name. She is DEFINITELY a mommy's girl...she loves Ron but she's 1000% my girl.

Peaches wasn't thrilled at first(what the heck...I go to Vet for few hours and there's another dog living here)???? But today the girls are best friends. Peaches has always been a "whatever" attitude dog. Brooklyn...has more energy than any dog I've ever seen(I had NO CLUE that Pins are soooo hyper).

I wish I had a bigger house(we downsized to a townhouse last year). I would adopt more Pins without a second thought.
A small way of saying THANKS...I made some blankets for the fosters over the holidays.

I start every day by getting about 100 Min Pin licks and telling Brooklyn how much I love her...then I always say to her..."Thank You, Aunt Tracy." Tracy still calls Brooklyn her niece.
I have become a Min Pin lover in a few short months. I'm totally convinced that I will NEVER own another breed from this point on.

Proud to be a Min Pin Mom,
Barbara R.
Las Vegas, NV


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Etta, Alice and Miles

Tue, 25 Jan 2011 15:31:13 -0700 - from Ceci


Hello All,

I am writing to inform you that Etta James, formally Katy, out of Texas, and Alice Coltrain, formally Christmas, out of California are now happily living in CO with their brother Miles Davis (my original Min Pin).

My husband was relocated for work. But the dogs LOVE IT! We have a large (fenced, of course) backyard and an even bigger house with stairs that they find hilarious to chase each other up and down and around our currently empty basement.

I've included some pictures of them for possible stardom on the website. We are all very health and happy in our new home.






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